The Awakening Pt 1


Peace & Greetings!! Your presence is truly welcome! 😀


As a young girl growing up, it was always the women in my family who headed their households. Even when the men were around it was always the women who took charge…they were in control. Many of the women in my family and in the Black communities that surrounded me were somehow dominated by the females–the Black mother. Perhaps, many of us can relate?

Today, we have over 73% of single-female headed households in the Black community. Where are our men? Well, there are many factors that contribute to their absence–one being what modern women call Feminism or Women’s Liberation. Now, my darlings, I am not saying that women shouldn’t have rights or that we must not voice our concerns or opinions. However, we have been led to believe that there is only one way of doing so.

You see beloved, feminism has further complicated issues for Black women, especially. Such movement, has not served us in the same way that it has caucasian women, mainly because we are of different plights. Black men and Black women suffer from the same hands of oppression, which goes way beyond gender. Feminism has further pulled the Black man and woman apart–further separating us–during a time when we need each other the most.

Most importantly, Feminism has stripped us of our femininity. Manhood and womanhood is predicated upon the masculine and feminine essence. It is the foundation of humanity. Without it what do we really have? Feminism has taught us that we do not need our polar complement–the masculine man. We have bought into the lie of “independence.” Darlings, there is nothing in the divine order of nature that is independent. All things are codependent–serving as a complement–creating polarity.

In our quest for “equality” the modern woman has become hardened, closed off, bitter, dull. Our lives are highly stressful–full of anger and pain. Now, I’m not judging you or talking at you beloved. I am talking to you, because I was that woman, and in a lot of ways I still am. I have been conditioned by the women around me and those in the media. They all had the same message–woman who were soft, gentle, and vulnerable were foolish and unsuccessful. I am here to inform you beloved that you do not have to suffer. You don’t have to overcompensate to prove to society just how valuable and worthy you are. We are not meant to rule over our men or to compete with them but to serve as their loving feminine complements–it is there we find our true value.

Ladies, we must take back our rightful place as feminine women. We must return to the sacred throne. The preservation of the Black family is dependent upon our relationship and connection with the Black man.🌹🌹🌹

Thank you for tuning in…until next time…😊💖

Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya


Author: The Sacred Feminine

I am Seshet Oya. I am a wife and a mother. I am also a college graduate and writer, who continues to study and explore various topics revolving gender and family within Black/African communities. As a stay-at-home mom I find absolute value in nurturing and caring for my family. I am on a journey of continuous self-discovery as I seek to fulfill my purpose as a sacred feminine woman. I have learned a lot throughout this journey and I continue to learn, grow and develop, as I travel this sacred path. I have created this space to connect with other women who share the same desire of self-fulfillment. I seek to be of service to women who wish to connect with their feminine essence so we can journey together as sacred feminine women. 🌹🌹🌹

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