The Power of Femininity

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Welcome back lovelies! This post serves as a follow-up to the previous discussion regarding the elements that make up the Sacred Fem-I-Nine. All that it entails and the nature of this divine energy cannot be expressed in one post. So, I will always refer back to the “what” of Femininity and how it shows up or should show-up in our lives. Words cannot capture the true essence of the feminine but I will do my very best.

Ok, ladies this post focuses on the POWER of the feminine essence.

When we think of the word “power” or someone who is powerful…what images conjure up in our minds? Do we see power as something soft and meek? Do we see it as virtuous? As love or grace? Do we see power as something feminine?

Based on my observations it is safe to say that many of us do not. The majority of us associate power with the masculine essence, and that my lovelies, is part of the problem. That is not to say masculinity is not powerful…it is very powerful and very sacred…but so is the feminine. Many of us have traded in our feminine power for the masculine because we have been led to believe that strength only exists in the masculine. We believe that respect and success can only be obtained through masculine energy–and so, we begin to take on masculine qualities and characteristics.

Ladies, we do not have to do what our men do or have what they have in order to be powerful. We are powerful in our own right as they are in their own right. If we don’t see ourselves as powerful and valuable in being just who we are, then neither will anyone else.

As feminine women our power rests in the simple fact that we are not the same, but different from our masculine complements. There is power in the way we walk, communicate, submit (yes ladies, submission is not a bad thing…will discuss in future post πŸ˜‰). Our softness, warmth, fluidity, and understanding makes us powerful.

Many of us feel powerful when we are angry, aggressive, mean, harsh. Ladies, our ability to change and influence the world through love and peace is our true power. To be able to connect with others beyond the physical but spirit to spirit–even those that may rub us the wrong way.

As feminine women we naturally attract whatever it is we desire. The feminine energy that exudes is like a magnet drawing things to us. We attract love, abundance and prosperity just by being who we are. Beloved, you will notice people just wanting to give you things…men will instinctively respect you and protect you…blessings will continuously flow in your direction. This is POWER ladies–the power of femininity.

Many of my sistas in the Black Power Movement, have lost their feminine essence. We think we have to be hard, rough and tough in order to promote and support the growth and development of the Black community. We think we have to be on the front line of the battlefield and we walk around looking like we are ready for combat. We feel powerful in claiming matriarchy as a rightful place in our culture. My darlings, our men do not need us to fight their wars. They do not need competition for a place on the battlefield or in their homes. What they need is our love and support. They need our feminine energy to serve as a complement to their masculine. There is power in the feminine ladies, and we need to use our feminine power as a means of having a different approach to the same problem.

The power of femininity is in our innerstanding and appreciation of the masculine, as being different yet complementary to the feminine, creating the perfect balance. It is here we find our true power and value. My sistas, will you join me on this sacred journey towards feminine love and acceptance? 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya


Author: The Sacred Feminine

I am Seshet Oya. I am a wife and a mother. I am also a college graduate and writer, who continues to study and explore various topics revolving gender and family within Black/African communities. As a stay-at-home mom I find absolute value in nurturing and caring for my family. I am on a journey of continuous self-discovery as I seek to fulfill my purpose as a sacred feminine woman. I have learned a lot throughout this journey and I continue to learn, grow and develop, as I travel this sacred path. I have created this space to connect with other women who share the same desire of self-fulfillment. I seek to be of service to women who wish to connect with their feminine essence so we can journey together as sacred feminine women. 🌹🌹🌹

4 thoughts on “The Power of Femininity”

  1. “There is power in the feminine ladies, and we need to use our feminine power as a means of having a different approach to the same problem.”

    Love this sis-STAR and love you! Keep teaching Queen Momma πŸ™‚


    Amtyah ❀

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