The Power of Femininity

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Welcome back lovelies! This post serves as a follow-up to the previous discussion regarding the elements that make up the Sacred Fem-I-Nine. All that it entails and the nature of this divine energy cannot be expressed in one post. So, I will always refer back to the “what” of Femininity and how it shows up or should show-up in our lives. Words cannot capture the true essence of the feminine but I will do my very best.

Ok, ladies this post focuses on the POWER of the feminine essence.

When we think of the word “power” or someone who is powerful…what images conjure up in our minds? Do we see power as something soft and meek? Do we see it as virtuous? As love or grace? Do we see power as something feminine?

Based on my observations it is safe to say that many of us do not. The majority of us associate power with the masculine essence, and that my lovelies, is part of the problem. That is not to say masculinity is not powerful…it is very powerful and very sacred…but so is the feminine. Many of us have traded in our feminine power for the masculine because we have been led to believe that strength only exists in the masculine. We believe that respect and success can only be obtained through masculine energy–and so, we begin to take on masculine qualities and characteristics.

Ladies, we do not have to do what our men do or have what they have in order to be powerful. We are powerful in our own right as they are in their own right. If we don’t see ourselves as powerful and valuable in being just who we are, then neither will anyone else.

As feminine women our power rests in the simple fact that we are not the same, but different from our masculine complements. There is power in the way we walk, communicate, submit (yes ladies, submission is not a bad thing…will discuss in future post πŸ˜‰). Our softness, warmth, fluidity, and understanding makes us powerful.

Many of us feel powerful when we are angry, aggressive, mean, harsh. Ladies, our ability to change and influence the world through love and peace is our true power. To be able to connect with others beyond the physical but spirit to spirit–even those that may rub us the wrong way.

As feminine women we naturally attract whatever it is we desire. The feminine energy that exudes is like a magnet drawing things to us. We attract love, abundance and prosperity just by being who we are. Beloved, you will notice people just wanting to give you things…men will instinctively respect you and protect you…blessings will continuously flow in your direction. This is POWER ladies–the power of femininity.

Many of my sistas in the Black Power Movement, have lost their feminine essence. We think we have to be hard, rough and tough in order to promote and support the growth and development of the Black community. We think we have to be on the front line of the battlefield and we walk around looking like we are ready for combat. We feel powerful in claiming matriarchy as a rightful place in our culture. My darlings, our men do not need us to fight their wars. They do not need competition for a place on the battlefield or in their homes. What they need is our love and support. They need our feminine energy to serve as a complement to their masculine. There is power in the feminine ladies, and we need to use our feminine power as a means of having a different approach to the same problem.

The power of femininity is in our innerstanding and appreciation of the masculine, as being different yet complementary to the feminine, creating the perfect balance. It is here we find our true power and value. My sistas, will you join me on this sacred journey towards feminine love and acceptance? 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya


What is the Sacred Fem-I-Nine?

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Ok, ladies…I’ve been talking a lot about the Sacred Feminine but you’re probably wondering what that actually means. What is the Sacred Feminine? Well, lovelies femininity is energy. It is an essence–the intrinsic nature of our human existence. Feminine energy is the polar complement (not opposite because we are not in opposition) to Masculine energy. The majority of women regardless of race or ethnicity are naturally feminine at their core. FEMales are born with an innate feminine code that women learn to unlock throughout their journey of womanhood. Like language, the art of femininity must be cultivated and developed. Actually, femininity is a language of its own–one that has been passed down from older women to younger women throughout generations. Though, the majority of women are naturally feminine at their core, being a woman does not automatically make one feminine. Meaning, not all women have tapped into their femininity. In today’s society, the promotion of femininity is seldom so women have become disconnected and alienated from their true essence.

The feminine essence is unique–it is sacred. The more we push for sameness masquerading as equality, the more we lose our uniqueness.Β Well lovelies, what makes the feminine sacred or unique? Let’s look at the word Fem-I-Nine…the word itself speaks to who and what we are. It says…I am a FEMale who has unlocked her sacred femininity (Nine). The number 9 in numerology represents the feminine essence also known as Yin energy. The number 6 represents the sacred masculine (Yang). (I will discuss this further in another post πŸ˜‰). A feminine woman leads with her intuition. Her feelings govern her thoughts and actions. She is love. She is peace. Feminine women are filled with an inner joy and passion. Her life is filled with favor and abundance. She is graceful, elegant, soft, meek. The sacred feminine is receptive and mysterious. It is fluid–flowing effortlessly and is ever changing. The authenticity, vulnerability and openness of a feminine woman triggers the natural instinct of the sacred masculine to guide, provide and protect her. Sistas, when we are in our Ma’atic state of mind we fully embrace our divine purpose; we understand our value and importance as sacred feminine women. Darlings, we love and honor the creator when we truly love and honor ourselves.

One of the lies that women have been led to believe is that femininity is some construct drummed up by men who wish to oppress us. This is dangerous because women are taught to trade in their feminine essence for a masculine one. Femininity in the modern world is viewed as a symbol of weakness–one who is unintelligent and unsuccessful. We are taught to trade in our intuition for formal education. We are taught to trade in our gentleness, vulnerability and fluidity, and instead, our strength is determined by how aggressive, guarded and rigid we can be. We are no longer led by our feelings…our intelligence is measured by how much we can think…how much we can be in our heads. This might work for the masculine essence my darlings, but it does not work for us. Our capacity to feelΒ is where our strength and intelligence lies. We associate our feminine essence with oppression and inferiority. We have allowed our fears, beliefs and experiences to devalue our femininity. We spend our whole lives trying to prove that we are just as valuable as a man that we inadvertently become one. Beloved, this is not a judgement against you, I am simply here to help my sistas rediscover their value and purpose as sacred feminine women.

I am proud to be feminine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel safe, strong and whole in my feminine, and so should you, beloved. We are not meant to be the same, and that is what makes our connection with the masculine one that works. We don’t have to be in the masculine to be just as valued–just as important. As feminine women we are connected to everyone and everything. We bring truth, balance and restoration (Maat). It is our divine purpose to heal the world–spreading love, joy and peace upon the earth. The world needs us sistas, we must return to our rightful place. The time is now! We live in a society that knows our power as feminine women, which is why they seek to destroy us. But we shall rise again my sistas, because now we too know our power and place in the world. If you wish to live a life of truth and purpose…Join me in this sacred journey towards self-fulfillment. My beautiful feminine women, will you travel with me? 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya

The Awakening Pt 3

Hello Lovelies!

This is the final part of The Awakening Series. I have shared a lot of vital information with you ladies, so please be sure to fill your hearts with this wonderful message!

Peace & Greetings!! Your presence is truly welcome! πŸ˜€


In my previous posts I talked about the “whats” in regards to my awakening–what I learned–what I experienced–what I studied. In this final part of The Awakening series I would like to delve a little deeper into how I arrived at this point in my life. Well, lovelies like many of us I am naturally feminine at my core. I was quite different from many of the women in my family and community. I was often told that I was too soft–how I needed to be strong and tough if I didn’t want to be taken advantage of. I was made to think my femininity was a sign of weakness. If only I could work harder, move faster–be arrogant, combative, brazen, harsh–I would somehow be better off–I would be in control. Being strong meant I had to be all of these things–I had to be more masculine. My darlings, this is in no way a judgement of the masculine–I speak in love and acceptance of the masculine essence. What I’m saying beloved is that I didn’t have to search for strength outside of myself–my strength was in my femininity.

My journey towards self discovery began about five years ago. I took a couple of Women’s Studies courses throughout my college years that made me begin to question the Feminist Movement. As my historical and cultural consciousness expanded my focus shifted. I became interested in the relationship between Black women and feminism and its impact on the Black community. This interest of course led to more studying and exploring, which happened both inside and outside the classroom. I began to dig deeper into womanhood, gender and family as it relates to the Black African woman–my search continued to expand until I came into the understanding of the sacred feminine. Magnificent women such as Queen Afua, Shahrazad Ali, Molesey Crawford and Namaste Moore–to name a few–were my distant teachers. Though, I’ve never met these beautiful women–I have learned a great deal from their works. Their messages resonated with me because internally I already understood what they were saying to be true. Like many of us, I just needed a reminder. I needed to rediscover what had been lost. I needed to reclaim my sacred throne.

My environment taught me quite a bit as well. I watched the women around me suffer in silence–physically and emotionally. I’ve witnessed hardworking, overburdened, career-driven women suffer with different health issues. I know of many Black women who suffer from diseases that attack their wombs–friboids, tumors, cysts. Darlings, our precious bodies are not meant to carry all of the stress and burdens we place upon ourselves. Our spiritual and emotional bodies are in constant turmoil as we continue to search for a little bit of happiness and peace. Beloved, there is nothing outside–nothing in the external that can give us that–it must begin from within. I chose to love myself so much that I would live a life of self-fulfillment by any means necessary. I chose to find value within myself–within my femininity. The world is unbalanced–operating more and more in the masculine as the feminine becomes more and more devalued. Darlings, we must restore the Ying and Yang–the sacred polarity.

TheΒ most challenging part of my journey was undoing all the conditioning. Having to let go of the ideas and beliefs that no longer served me. Finding my beloved King helped me tie up some of those loose ends. My King is very strong in his masculine and I’ve learned a lot from my relationship with him. Our relationship endured many trials and tribulations that allowed me to put all that I’ve learned into practice. Because he is so strong in his masculine I had no choice but to be strong in my feminine (that is if I wanted to keep him πŸ˜‰). You see beloved, I was one of those sistas who asked for a strong Black King but when I found him I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think it was safe to be in my feminine (after all it’s one of the lies I’ve been led to belief) so instead, I turned to what I’d been conditioned to think was best. I am thankful that my King was so patient in dealing with all of my crazy lol and I truly love him for it. 😍 Those challenges only made us stronger as individuals and as a couple.

Though, I have come a long way the journey has not ended. There is no end point for me to reach because life is all about growth and improvement. There is always room to be better, greater, more spectacular. The work is never done lovelies. I am still growing and developing into my feminine essence. I am awakened and I will continue to travel this sacred path. My sistas, are you willing to travel with me? 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Thank you for tuning in…Until next time…πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya

The Awakening Pt 2

Peace & Greetings!! Your presence is truly welcome! πŸ˜€




As a teenage, I received mixed messages regarding womanhood. On one hand, I learned all the wifely duties my mom could teach me. I learned to cook, clean, iron, sew…etc. (Cooking was my favorite thing to do πŸ˜‰). My mom would always say I had to learn these things if I wished to get married and have a family one day. Certainly, she was right…being a wife and a mother requires a woman to have these necessary skills–it is all a part of nurturing and caregiving. On the other hand, what I didn’t learn was how to deeply connect with a man. I never saw any positive relationships between the men and women in my family. What I’m saying beloved is that the ability to connect with my feminine essence in a way that served as complementary to the masculine was not a part of the many lessons I received.

Learning these necessary skills is an important aspect of womanhood, but it is not enough beloved. We can be the best home keepers and still be single or have a lifeless relationship. I’ve seen men leave, stray, pull away–physically and/or emotionally–all because their women have emasculated them. Their women have taken away their right to rule as Kings. They have stepped into the masculine space of their men, instead of remaining in their own feminine space. Darlings, it is universal law for masculine men to be attracted to feminine women. That natural attraction produces a natural inclination to guide, provide and protect. Without it men cannot be men.

I always hear Black women say they want a strong Black man yet many of us don’t know what to do when we find one. If we find a strong brotha we try to break him down or we seek out non-masculine men and then complain that brothas are too weak. My sistas, I have learned that we cannot inhabit two spaces at the same time and neither can our men. If we desire strong masculine men then we must be strong in our feminine–it is here we find a natural attraction. A masculine man can only protect and provide for a feminine woman, because her femininity lets him know he’s needed. He cannot do that for someone who is embodying the same or similar masculine energy as himself (in other words a man is not going to protect and provide for another man).

My beautiful ladies, we have found ourselves in a vicious cycle and the rabbit hole is deep–but all is not lost beloved. We can still turn it around. Our grandmothers, mothers, aunts–they were oh so brilliant and very strong, as many of them have raised us all by themselves. Their experiences influenced many of the ideas and beliefs that were passed down generation after generation. Unfortunately, many of those beliefs were birthed from pain and suffering. We can make a choice to put an end to all of the suffering beloved. We no longer have to live a life of pain, anger and stress. It is up to us to make a conscious decision to walk in our femininity. We have to let go of all those ideas that aren’t serving us. It’s a new day darlings. We shall walk this sacred path together. 🌹🌹🌹🌹


Thanks for tuning in…Until next time…πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–


Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya

The Awakening Pt 1


Peace & Greetings!!Β Your presence is truly welcome! πŸ˜€


As a young girl growing up, it was always the women in my family who headed their households. Even when the men were around it was always the women who took charge…they were in control. Many of the women in my family and in the Black communities that surrounded me were somehow dominated by the females–the Black mother. Perhaps, many of us can relate?

Today, we have over 73% of single-female headed households in the Black community. Where are our men? Well, there are many factors that contribute to their absence–one being what modern women call Feminism or Women’s Liberation. Now, my darlings, I am not saying that women shouldn’t have rights or that we must not voice our concerns or opinions. However, we have been led to believe that there is only one way of doing so.

You see beloved, feminism has further complicated issues for Black women, especially. Such movement, has not served us in the same way that it has caucasian women, mainly because we are of different plights. Black men and Black women suffer from the same hands of oppression, which goes way beyond gender. Feminism has further pulled the Black man and woman apart–further separating us–during a time when we need each other the most.

Most importantly, Feminism has stripped us of our femininity. Manhood and womanhood is predicated upon the masculine and feminine essence. It is the foundation of humanity. Without it what do we really have? Feminism has taught us that we do not need our polar complement–the masculine man. We have bought into the lie of “independence.” Darlings, there is nothing in the divine order of nature that is independent. All things are codependent–serving as a complement–creating polarity.

In our quest for “equality” the modern woman has become hardened, closed off, bitter, dull. Our lives are highly stressful–full of anger and pain. Now, I’m not judging you or talking at you beloved. I am talking to you, because I was that woman, and in a lot of ways I still am. I have been conditioned by the women around me and those in the media. They all had the same message–woman who were soft, gentle, and vulnerable were foolish and unsuccessful. I am here to inform you beloved that you do not have to suffer. You don’t have to overcompensate to prove to society just how valuable and worthy you are. We are not meant to rule over our men or to compete with them but to serve as their loving feminine complements–it is there we find our true value.

Ladies, we must take back our rightful place as feminine women. We must return to the sacred throne. The preservation of the Black family is dependent upon our relationship and connection with the Black man.🌹🌹🌹

Thank you for tuning in…until next time…πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

Blessed Love,

Seshet Oya